My second feature film is starting post-production. Can’t wait to share this new project with you. A million thanks to my dedicated team!

On the pictures: Jorge Martinez Colorado and Enzo Desmeules Saint-Hilaire.

A cook in his heyday, Camilo is now a worn-out fifty-year-old who works for a cleaning company. We can guess a personal failure in the past of this solitary Mexican living in Montreal. However, Camilo wants to get back on track and an opportunity to recover his culinary passion finally presents itself. Everything is in place for this new beginning when Camilo receives a visit from his daughter Tania, with whom he had cut ties because of her drug addiction. She tells him that he is a grandfather and asks him to take care of the child while she undergoes her umpteenth rehab. The arrival of this grandson will upset Camilo’s plans. There will be a new beginning for him, certainly, but not as he imagined it.

Also casting: Eva Avila, Christian de la Cortina, Catalina Pop and Virgil Serban.

Cinematography: Léna Mill-Reuillard | Art Direction: Maxime Normand | Sound recording: Pablo Villegas | Costumes: Oleksandra Lykova | Picture Editing: Sophie Farkas Bolla | Sound design: Bruno Pucella | Produiced by Nicolas Comeau, Productions 1976.

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